Strategic Positioning

One of the core benefits of learning technologies (most often starting with an LMS) is the ability to unify different learning management processes under one application. However, moving from one operational environment to another is always fraught with difficulty. Our expertise in understanding how to integrate learning technologies into your existing work processes effectively.

One of the greatest challenges that face organizations in the process of adopting new technology is how to move from the 'old way of doing businesses' to a new set of processes and procedures. Not only is understanding how to use the new tools in the context of the existing workflow difficult, but being prepared to quickly cut over to the new processes and procedures in the midst of everyday business is critical to avoid interrupting the business.

Your best defense against the potential disruptions, costs, and risks that follow learning technology deployment is the development of a Learning Technology Transition Plan. The optimal Transition Plan will address:

" Intended use of the technology

" Operational capability

" Key stakeholder involvement

" Existing and Planned detailed work processes

" Options for additional uses of the technology

" Communication plan for deployment of the technology
Transition Planning
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Developing Transition Plan

Learning technologies provide a number of ways to accomplish the presentation, management, and reporting of employee (or supply chain) development. Even within the context of accepted workflows, there will be options to evaluate. We can help you understand the decision points where there are options. Consolidating the baseline workflows, the new work processes, and decision points results in the Learning Technology Transition Plan. This Transition Plan can be the foundation for planning, training, and decision-making around your acquisition of learning technology.
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Analyzing Opportunities

The first step in finding the best opportunities to use learning technologies is to map business processes around learning. This takes an experienced and critical eye that can decipher the difference between Best Practices and individual preference.

We can help organizations come to a common ground and agreement on these work processes so that there is a baseline to work with. Once the baseline workflow is identified, we can help take the learning technology and identify the areas where the technology can be leveraged.