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Fully Leverage Your Learning Content

- Improve training access, quality and business alignment
- Enhance learner performance and productivity

Develop and deploy global programs faster - for less


At Symphony, we understand you are not interested in "training for training's sake." You need hard-hitting, impactful development and delivery solutions that address the specific needs of your employees, deliver value for your training dollar, and produce bottom-line results. That's what we deliver.

In today's lean economy, corporations are under keen pressure to make the most of every learning resource. That's especially true of training and knowledge-sharing content - the foundation for programs that drive employee competence, partner relationships and customer loyalty.

But many organizations face serious content obstacles, such as:

- Lack of learner access to the right training, when and where it's needed

- Dependence on instructor-led training

- Weak mobile learning integration

- Excessive production costs

- Isolated learning systems

- Poor linkage between formal and informal learning modes


As technology innovation rapidly transforms enterprise learning, the need for next-generation content is increasing as well. Programs once limited by classroom walls are expanding to include web-enabled on-demand delivery - thanks to cloud-based software.

Now, an expanding array of browser-based computing and mobile devices can deliver critical business information and training virtually anywhere. Plus, new real-time collaboration and social media functions are enriching the learning experience with a seamless marriage of informal and formal communication.
The possibilities are limitless.

But learning technology isn't useful without a content strategy that makes sense for your organization. And the best learning strategies come from experienced professionals. That's why it's smart to call Symphony.


In short, it pays to put your training development initiatives in skilled hands. We'll plan, produce and deploy comprehensive training programs that move your business forward. And we'll do it faster - at a fraction of the typical cost.

How? With our exclusive Content Development Approach. We marry three critical elements to create blended solutions that add business value:
Formal Learning + Informal Learning + Technology Integration = Complete Solutions

With this three-pronged methodology as a strategic foundation, your content is built on proven instructional design standards and adult learning principles - coupled with best practices in content development and learning measurement.

And because we're deeply experienced training technologists, you can trust that your content will be integrated, managed and delivered across your extended enterprise environment with superior access and reliability.

Consulting Services
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Management Consulting

Learning Strategy

Symphony has been asked many different types of questions by customers at many different phases of adopting Learning solutions.
The predominant questions are:

- Where do I get started? What is the business value proposition? What does my technology roadmap look like? How do I best phase the implementation of these tools to maximize payback to the company?

- Who is the right partner for this initiative? There are over 300 known technology providers in the eLearning space. Many will disappear. Most will specialize in an industry or capability. How do I make the best choice to get the best fit with my business?

- How do I maximize my investment? There are many documented failures for enterprise software initiatives. How do I avoid the pitfalls that others have experienced? How do I get by my company to embrace this change?

- Can I leverage existing tools? I have already started some small initiatives in eLearning. Are there best practices that I have already developed or need to begin? Are there problem areas that I can avoid? How can I use the experiences that we already have as a company to best grow the impact of the tools in place?

Talent Management Roadmap

Regarding talent management, the key questions being asked by business leaders are:

- How should organizations structure themselves for maximum effectiveness? How are organizations implementing their talent management processes - and how effective are they?

- What are the key drivers of an effective talent management strategy? What Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) are organizations using to automate their talent management processes?

- What does this mean to the Talent Management Organization? Your charter is to create and systemically deploy an effective Talent Management strategy that is aligned with business strategy and that can close the gaps in the leadership pipeline, that can improve organizational performance, and that can help the organization attract, develop, and retain the right talent while contributing to the organization's bottom-line. No small challenge on any front. We can help you make the plan to address these opportunities.


Managing Risk in Learning and Talent Management Operations

Organizations face a number of challenges when contemplating a move into Learning and Talent Management - developing a Strategy that links technology to the business, finding the right vendor partner, and deploying the technology so that it is effectively used by the organization. Each of these milestones is an event with a one-time result that predicts success or failure for the project. Equally difficult is managing the solution in an on-going fashion - continuing to engage parts of the business to use these enterprise technologies and to derive business value from them.

Symphony has developed a holistic approach to both Learning and Talent Management that encompasses planning, developing, deploying, managing and measuring the solutions. Enterprise deployments of learning and/or talent technology are characterized by linking a number of engagements so the processes are continuous. We consider these processes as "Out-tasking."
Learning Management Systems

Our business and technical consultants follow a method that over a period of years has proven successful for deploying Learning Management Systems (LMS). The deployment framework that consists of:

Analysis - Maps the business and its requirements against the functionality of the LMS. Our expertise in this process ensures the development of a detailed project plan and a project summary of required resources, costs, and major milestones. This process assists the customer in developing a business case to aid in the purchase decision of software and services, and for building internal support for the aforementioned purchase.

Manage - Utilizes a structured framework to manage the entire deployment of the LMS. This proven framework ensures the achievement of project goals while managing resources, communications, project risks, and business objectives.

Install - Deploys appropriate technologies to support learning environments including web, middleware, database, and content servers. By combining technical expertise with knowledge of numerous learning technology applications, this offering ensures a smooth integration experience through diligent investigation of required hardware and software technologies. Finally, this offering validates usability and connectivity among components to ensure successful installation.

Migrate - Imports or interfaces to existing corporate data resources including HR systems such as PeopleSoft and SAP, network systems, courseware databases and legacy LMS systems. This is an automated process for updating and accessing data into a centralized database. This maintains data integrity and eliminates re-work for the client.

Report - Develops a model for extracting data from an implemented LMS. Our consultants use their expertise to help the client select a reporting tool that provides valuable data, impressive reporting styles and distribution methods, and a high Return on Investment through creative managerial reports.

Train - Transfers knowledge of LMS to all levels of users appropriate to their role in the organization. Training maintains a business process focus rather than a product focus ensuring customer-driven training solutions specific to the end-user. Delivery format including on-site and on-line training is provided to clients.

Change- Prepares the enterprise for new systems through effective marketing and change management communications. Our expertise provides the means of recognizing, guiding, and managing these human emotions and reactions in a way that minimizes the inevitable drop in productivity that accompanies change.

Feedback - Monitors customer and project team input for all service offerings. The purpose of gathering this valuable feedback is to monitor satisfaction ratings, quality standards, and return on investment in order to insure a successful project, and create long-term customer and partner relationships.
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